Building Beautiful Squarespace Websites

So let’s be honest, you need an amazing website that you can be proud of and engages with your customers. That’s what I do. If you want to learn more about working with me and see what we can achieve together just reach out.

Websites for the Hospitality Industry


Whether you're running a Restaurant, Pub, Hotel, B&B or Airbnb we can build the perfect website to inform and engage with your existing and potential customers. From a basic informative site to online table booking, room reservations and room availability, we can design the perfect bespoke website for your needs.

Websites for Small Businesses

Small Business

Any small business deserves a modern and attractive website to introduce customers to what you can do for them and to drive as much traffic as possible to your online store or brick and mortar premises. We can create the perfect site to engage with customers and show them your products.

E-commerce Website.jpg


From clothes to clocks, every business needs to have their wares visible and available to purchase 24/7. We can design you the perfect store for your products. Online payments, subscriptions, confirmation emails and stock control can all be added to make your business flow smoothly and attract more customers.

I’m here to create meaningful and lasting relationships with my clients.


Creating new relationships with customers can help a business grow, but maintaining and building on the bonds you already have will help your business truly succeed. Way too many people spend no time building relationships in business. They only make contact to sell something and after a while, the person on the buying end can start to feel a little resentful. I think that we all need to take a long term approach to building strong relationships with our customers, which means we need to invest time and energy. In a world that is becoming increasingly competitive, we need to spend as much time and energy maintaining relationships with our existing customers as we spend on the hunt for new ones.


The Swan Inn Website.JPG

The Swan Inn

Squarespace Website

The Plough & Harrow Inn Website.jpg

Plough & Harrow

Squarespace Website

Davis Plastering Website.jpg

Davis Plastering

Squarespace Website


Make your website stand out form the crowd.


Click any of the icons below to see some of the extra features we can add to your site to maximise its full potential. From professional photography & video, forms and surveys, a full online store with automated invoices and stock control, we can get you there.



Never underestimate the value of good imagery.


Good photography can be used in your website for many purposes. It can showcase your work, help to reinforce a point you wish to make, or be used to evoke an emotion in your users. Imagery is also important from a usability point of view. A good web page should contain relevant images that aid the user journey by acting as signposts to help users navigate to the page they are interested in quickly and easily.

If you are located in my area I’d be happy to advise or even visit to take your photographs.



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